About Us

The SBA is founded on principles designed to address various needs of players, for the players, and is incrementally modified by the players. The goal and mission is to develop a handicapped league for all skill levels where the players have an integral role in developing the league community. This is the only league where the players are afforded the opportunity to directly refine the league and have fun while doing so. This enhances our Mission, and is accomplished by constantly applying the Values at all levels of the organization.

Recognizing that billiards is a family recreational sport, the SBA offers both adult league (21+) and junior (under 21) league play formats to fulfill not only your billiard needs, but the needs of the entire family.

We accomplish this by offering four (4) different types of sessions to meet your busy schedule

  • Adult 16-Week “Standard” session:

100% of the teams receive money back at the end of each session

  • Adult 8-Week “Competitive” session:pic1

50% of the teams receive money back

  • Adult 5-Week “Trophy-Run” Session:

100% of the players receive a trophy at the end of each session

  • Junior 8-Week session:

100% of the players receive a trophy at the end of each session

We offer a variety of different types of formats some never seen before in Amateur Leagues!

  • 7-Ball
  • 8-Ball (Ball-in-hand, call your pocket)
  • 9-Ball and Team 9-Ball
  • 10-Ball
  • “Bar-Room” Rules (No-Ball-in-hand, call your shot)
  • Scotch Doubles (offered with 8-Ball and 10-Ball)
  • 8-Ball or 9-Ball “No Fear” and X-Treme (no handicap division)

Additionally, the players elect their own “Steering Committee”. This committee is dedicated to you, the player, to form your league! Through the committee, you as a player hold a 25% vote in the tactical operations of your league. The committee meets regularly to address topics such as: rule modifications, player suggestions, player complaints and so much more.